What is Mercy Mission Hope?

What is Mercy Mission Hope?

Mercy Mission Hope is a non-profit charity focused on improving the lives of people in an impoverished area of Egypt. Our 2002 introduction to the needs of the region came when our family visited there to teach English. What we learned however, far surpassed anything we could have taught. We saw the light of Christ in the hopes and dreams of the young girls and boys. Children left to find their way in the world with little resources or guidance. Humbled by their stories and keenly aware of our own excesses, we strive to provide the basic needs of our brothers and sisters through various outreach events and charitable contributions.

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  • After School Learning Program

    Tutoring services for students residing in rural areas with limited access to academic opportunities.

  • Girls’ Home

    The girls’ home currently houses 72 girls in 4 different apartments within close proximity to each other.

  • Boys’ Home

    The boys’ home currently houses 27 children, ages 3 months to 19 years.  

  • Agaby

    Weekly meals and social support to approximately 100 underprivileged families.

How Can You Help?

Our growth and organization as a non-profit charity directly impacts our overseas efforts to enhance the community. As a result, donations are always welcome and most directly impact the well-being of those in need. Contributions help provide for improved housing, school supplies, food and other necessities. As a group, we also welcome any volunteer efforts aimed at organization, fundraising, or general planning. We continue to widen our efforts to assist the people and, as a result, any commitment of your time and tax deductible donation will be efficiently used to continue to enhance the lives of those who most desperately need our help. Please contact info@mercymissionhope.org for additional information. JOIN TODAY